An Analisis of Students’ Ability in Using ‘Have” as Verb and Auxiliary by Students at Faculty of Languages and Culture of UNTAG Semarang

Widiarsih Mahanani
Conference paper Seminar Nasional Struktural 2018 • November 2018

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(English, 9 pages)


The propose of this research is to know students’ difficulties in using have as main verb and auxiliary in students’ writing at Faculty of Languages and Culture of Universitas 17 Agustus 1945 Semarang. There are various difficulties faced by students during their writing process. They are still confused to distinguish the use of have as verb and auxiliary in their sentences. This study applied qualitative research using the descriptive approach. The data were obtained from twelve English texts written by students as a part of their task in writing course. The researcher wants to analyze the students’ work. Based on the result the researcher have found that there were some mistakes which have been made by the students in using have or has as main verb . The students also make mistakes in using have as auxiliary (have, has, had). The results of the study, the students are still confused in using them in sentences.




Seminar Nasional Struktural 2018

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