Traumatic Mother in Remember Me by Mary Higgins Clark (Psychological Approach)

Endang Susilowati
Conference paper Seminar Nasional Struktural 2018 • November 2018

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(English, 7 pages)


This research entitled is Traumatic mother on Remember Me by Mary Higgins Clark; Psychological approach. It talked about Menley Nicholas as a wife of a criminal attorney that never stopped blamed herself for her son died because of a car accident. Her relationship with her husband became not harmony anymore until they had a new baby and they spent their holiday in a rent house called Remember house. Traumatic is a severe emotional or mental distress caused by an experience. This study used Psychological approach to analyze Remember Me especially about traumatic that the author used. The result shows that as a mother; Menley Nicholas blamed herself for her two years old son died. It made the story developed because when she tried to fix her relationship with her husband because she had a new baby she still couldn’t forget her died son and it was used by others to replace her position as Adam’. It influenced the whole story of Remember Me.




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