Translation Analysis on Labels of Wardah Cosmetics

Vinsensia Pradhita Wijayanti • Rahmanti Asmarani
Conference paper Seminar Nasional Struktural 2018 • November 2018

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(English, 10 pages)


Translation is one of many ways to understand the meaning of a source language, in the process of conveying meaning of which there are some steps to be done. Some problems have been found and should be solved in order to get the translated text easily understood by the readers. There are two objectives in this study, i.e describing the translation techniques used in translating Label of Wardah Cosmetics and identifying which technique is mostly employed. The analysis is based on the theory of translation techniques by Molina and Albir (2002). The researcher used a descriptive qualitative method during the research since the aim of this study is to describe the realization of Translation Techniques of each word, phrase and clause of the written labels of Wardah cosmetics. The most employed translation technique used by the translator is the Borrowing. The borrowing technique in this study is not at the etymological context because the Indonesian language is as the source language and the English language is as the target language. This study is about the translation context although some of Indonesian words borrowed the English words, but this is the reality.




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